Adam "Soul Horse" Song

Adam "Soul Horse" Song
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Adam "Soul Horse" Song is the founder and head coach of Ring Lords Vale Tudo, NC's hardest-training MMA club, training adults 18 years of age and up for amateur and professional no-rules fights.

He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a brown belt in Shotokan Karate,a brown belt in BJJ under Guy Pendergrass / Gracie Barra as well as a wrestling and judo practicioner, and has studied martial arts since he was 4 yrs. old.

He sports a 4-2-2 mma record, and a 5-2-2 submission fighting record. He is one of NC's top five most experienced MMA practicioners, with 10 years of training and coaching experience.

Adam is proud to be associated/sponsored by Cageside MMA.

"All of our gear at Ring Lords Vale Tudo comes straight from Cageside MMA, and is of the best quality, craftsmanship, and functionality. They offer very competitive prices, as well as service second to none." - Adam "Soul Horse" Song

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