July 18: Cageside MMA's Official Top Ten Pound For Pound

July 18: Cageside MMA's Official Top Ten Pound For Pound
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1. GSP - It is difficult to argue against Georges St. Pierre. He seems to get better with each fight. His wrestling/takedowns are on par with the best in the world. He is relentless and never gives his opponents a chance. The only thing that you could possibly say against him is that he seems to lack KO power.

2. Miguel Torres - Sick stand-up and slick submissions make Miguel nearly unbeatable at 135.

3. Lyoto Machida - Fights like no one else. His stance and style present a puzzle that no opponent has been able to solve yet. He is so evasive on his feet we don't even know how his chin is.

4. Anderson Silva - The current longest standing title holder in UFC. Silva has beat all challengers at 185. He is facing Forest Griffin at 205 at UFC 101. This could be Anderson's toughest fight in the UFC to date.

5. Fedor - Shoot, what do you say about this guy. Does anyone really think Josh Barnett can stop Fedor?

6. Gegard Mousasi - Virtually unknown in the USA. Gegard is a beast with a 25-2 record. He has submission/ko victories over Denis Kang, Jacare and Mark Hunt in the past 18 months.

7. Dan Henderson - Hendo was in our top 10 even prior to his devastating KO over Michael Bisping.

8. Kenny Florian - Quite possibly the most unappreciated fighter in the UFC. He has six consecutive victories which include wins over Din Thomas(submission), Joe Lauzon(tko), Roger Huerta (unanimous decision) and Joe Stevenson (submission). Kenny is the most improved fighter from the amazing cast of original Ultimate Fighters.

9. Jon Fitch - Other than GSP, Fitch has dominated the opposition.

10. Brock Lesnar - Reluctantly, we have to give Lesnar his due. He is a Man amoungst Boys. Who can stop this guy?

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