Helpful Tips for Running - 5/23/2013

Helpful Tips for Running - 5/23/2013
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Run Right

Ready to hit your stride? With these running tips, you'll build momentum--- and then some

- By Kelly Aiglon

Some do it for the cardio benefits. Others, for the thrill of it. Either way, running does wonders for your well-being. "It's one of the best workouts you can get and also a great way to clear your head," says Michael Marsico, a personal trainer who is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a beginning jogger, you'll want to start every run on the right foot. Here are common mistakes and ways to avoid them.

MISSTEP Your stretch routine before you run is simply to bend over and touch your toes.

CORRECT IT Try active stretches, such as walking lunges and trunk rotations. "When you put your body through a lot of different movements, you warm up your muscles," Marsico says.

MISSTEP You eat a big meal before a run.

CORRECT IT "Snack on a piece of fruit-- something mild like a banana or an apple-- to keep your blood sugar stable. Don't overdo it, and remember to drink water," Marsico says. Within 45 minutes after your run, eat a balanced meal, such as chicken, veggies and brown rice.

MISSTEP You wear your running shoes to the grocery store and on other errands.

CORRECT IT Don't skimp when you buy running shoes and wear them only for running-- they'll last longer. "Also, don't go on a long run with brand-new shoes," Marsico says. "A series of shorter runs are best to break them in."

MISSTEP You come to a complete stop when you get tired.

CORRECT IT Keep your momentum going. Go from a jog to a brisk walk and then to a regular walk to let your heart rate settle.

MISSTEP You zone out when running near the street.

CORRECT IT Be defensive. "Assume motorists don't see you, approach intersections with caution and look drivers in the eye," Marsico says. If running at night, wear reflective gear to be visible.

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