Interview with CJ Murdock (10/7/13)

Interview with CJ Murdock (10/7/13)
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Interview with CJ Murdock.

CJ Murdock (4-3) will be fighting Steven Thigpen (4-1)in the main event for the WCF 145lb Title at the Bull City Brawl 13, on October 12th, 2013.

CJ, a recently promoted black belt/faixa preta under Luiz Palhares has stayed busy over the past 2 Ĺ years: fighting 7 times in MMA, reaching black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and competing on the grappling circuit. He recently also began teaching at Wrightís Extreme Martial Arts here in North Carolina.

CJ has 4 submission wins in MMA (3 triangles, one armbar).

How long have you been training and under whom?

Training since 2006 in Jiu-Jitsu and started under Jerry Moreno and I am still under him. For MMA, Iím under Rick Screeton.

How did you get started in MMA/what made you want to start fighting specifically?

I actually started doing Jiu-Jitsu because I wanted to do MMA, but I always wanted to earn my purple belt before I fought. I want to say I started fighting because my training partners wanted my help and so I helped them. Later, my brother fought on a Bull City Brawl card and then I got on the next one.

Any thoughts going into this fight, expectations of your opponent ?

No, I know heís a nice guy, I know heís pretty good at Jiu-Jitsu, it should be a good fight for us both.

Thoughts on fighting 5 rounds as opposed to 3 rounds

It shouldnít matter, because hopefully the fight wonít go past the first round, but it gives me longer to catch him if need be.

Favorite cheat meal?

Pork tacos

How do you divide your time up in training?

Iím in the gym every day, practicing everything pretty much. I donít really differentiate too much other than boxing and Thai boxing but for me itís mostly Jiu-Jitsu.

Favorite part about fighting ?

My favorite part is definitely winning. Fighting involves punching and kicking; I just like to submit people.

Least favorite part about fighting ?

Getting punched in the face.

Favorite piece of training gear?

Probably my jiu-jitsu black belt is my favorite piece of gear, I like that thing.

Favorite position/technique?

I like to take the back.

Any shout outs?

Iíd like to thanks Josh Murdock my little brother; Matt Messer for teaching me how to get hit in the face. And then obviously Jerry [Moreno] and anyone else thatís helped me along the way. Iíd also to thank Jesse Hertzog and Mike Pagano.

CJ was interviewed by Cageside reporter, Tim McNamara

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