July 5, 2009: Christiane "Cyborg" Santos

July 5, 2009: Christiane "Cyborg" Santos
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Quote from Cyborg speaking of Gina Carano:

"She comes from Muay Thai and knows jiu-jitsu but is better standing up than on the ground. I look for the Muay Thai game in all my fights, but Iím also prepared to fight on the ground. Iíll keep the fight standing up and look for the knockout, but Iím preparing a special game for this fight, because whoever commits the fewest mistakes will winÖ. I canít have problems [making weight] this time. I promised it would never happen again, and Iíll keep my word. I already started the diet, and I donít believe Iíll have problems. If itís difficult for me, I believe it will be difficult for Gina, too, but Iím sure we will both be ready on the day of the fight and put on a great show for the fans.Ē

-- Courtesy of MMAmania.com

Cageside's take: These two are incredible fighters. We are picking Carano in a tight decision. Both had better make weight though, or it could hurt the validity of women's MMA.

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