Kids MMA Package #2

Kids MMA Package #2
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Excellent Fight Gear Package for Kids!

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This package includes:

1. Boxing Gloves

2. MMA Gloves

3. MMA Shorts

4. Shin-Pads

5. Mouth Guard and Case

The boxing gloves are made of a high quality synthetic leather. They have velcro fasteners for easy on/off.

The MMA gloves are the "Safety" style. Open hands for the ability to grapple and clinch. Heavily padded at the fist for sparring.

The shin pads are made of a durable cloth with easy on/off for kids. Simply pull them on like a sock. They cover the shin and foot/instep.

The shorts have an elastic waist for easy on/off. They have slits on the side for extra leg room when kicking. The crotch area has "flex panels" - ideal for MMA and grappling. Initially the shorts may feel stiff - but they will become very soft and comfortable after 2-3 washings.

The mouth-guard is a Shock Doctor PRO. Shock Doctor is the leading mouth guard manufacturer in the world. Basic mouth-guard case is included for germ prevention. Be sure to write your child's name on the case.

From the drop-down menu, please choose your childs age and body type. This will help us to determine what size will work best for your child. If you have a question/concern, please email us: or call 919-477-1999

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