Pink Female BJJ Uniform

Pink Female BJJ Uniform
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Female Light Weight BLANK Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Color is PINK

This is a light weight gi and is very comfortable. Very tight honey comb style weave. Rubberized lapel.

This is specifically cut to female proportions

Approximate sizing suggestions:

F1 = (Fits 90 to 110 lbs - up to 5'2")

F2 = (Fits 100 to 125 lbs - up to 5'5")

F3 = (Fits 120 to 145 lbs - up to 5'7")

F4 = (Fits 135 to 175lbs - up to 5'9")

These gis run slightly large and are designed to allow shrinkage.

These are Cageside Gis (in partnership with a reputable gi manufacturer) but have ZERO logos on them.

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