Shane Tyner

Shane Tyner
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Shane Tyner - bio, in his own words...

Wrestled for two years in middle school and four years in high school and in the process i won the 119lb state championship title and the Tar Heel Classic twice. After high school, started competing in tuffman fights across the carolinas. I joined ringside boxing and mma and started training full time boxing. Shortly after i began training in mixed martial arts as well. Placed 3rd in Gracie State Championships. Placed 1st in MBMA juijitsu tourney in gi and no gi. I continued training in mma for two years while fighting amatuer fights to build an ammy record of 5 wins with 3 losses. Now as a pro carrying a 1-1 record with the loss against one of the east coasts top bantamweights after taking him the distance. Currently a member of the Fitness Edge fight team and trainin with Fitness Edge MMA, Champion MMA, Total Elite MMA, and MBMA. Instructed by Tomar Washington, Jay Dennis, Laci Green, Jon Jon Nye, and Jason Nicholson. Disciplined in Muay Thai, Boxing, Gracie Jui Jitsu, Wrestling, Capoeir and Sambo

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