Valentin "El Tigre" Bueno

Valentin "El Tigre" Bueno
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Valentin "El Tigre" Bueno
Valentin "El Tigre" Bueno.

"El Tigre" (the Tiger) is 21, and is a 100% Mexican fighter, originaly from a small town in central mexico called "Las canadas de Nanchititla", comprised of hardworking, simple people.

Val had a lot of street fights, but no formal training before he started training at Ring Lords Vale Tudo in 2007 under Adam "Soul Horse" Song.

He is currently 3-1 in mma, and 6-1 in submission fighting. He is a natural 145lbs, and one of the top prospects in NC and is the current Ruckus in the Cage Bantam Weight Champ.

El Tigre is tremendously athletic, fast, and pound for pound, the strongest Ring Lords fighter. He has aspirations of going pro soon. He has a blue belt in BJJ under Helio Soneca.

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